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Bitcoin Network Healthier Than Ever as Hash Rate Rises Rapidly, Despite 60% Price Drop Since December

New blochain project. Focus: poverty

Hello gang, I’ve just uncovered a New blochain project still in infant stages, with potential to become a promising and very profitable venture, especially for US early adopters….




End Poverty


Offering those who join the right to recieve weekly income.

Checkout links below, & if anybody has Q?s or concerns, please contact me anytime.

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Have you heard about the MANNABASE?
The UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME project: Zero risk, zero work and still get a weekly income 🤔 Take a second to read and understand the project and its potential.

If we look at the bigger picture, there are other easy ways besides trading to make an income💡

The project has been thoroughly investigated by myself and others and see a lot of potential here: Mannabase is the only UBI blockchain in the world.

From the whitepaper:

Manna is the first publicly traded, blockchain-
based currency to be distributed as a
Universal Basic Income subsidy to anyone in
the world who applies and is verified as a
unique human being.

Infographic & whitepaper:

Purpose of this project:

Everyone that registers for the program, receives a weekly income out of the circulating supply of MANNA. This supply will increase with 3.5% yearly. Price will be determined by offer and demand, like all other cryptos.
For every person that creates an account under your referral link, your weekly income will multiply.

At this point, weekly payouts are close to worthless: but mind the project has just started, is sitting on a market cap of just half a million dollars and is only available on one micro-exchange (SouthXchange). I advise youto get as much as these as possible before it gets on Kucoin, Cryptopia or even bigger exchanges…

The referral program will be running for 10 years and the beautiful part is, there is litterly ZERO risk! Get in early.

You can be within the first ones in the world to get into this project and receive your weekly income. In the longer term this could mean a significant difference for your financial situation in case this project turns out to be succesful.

✔️What you need to do:

1️⃣ Click the link below to get started:
CLICK HERE to Sign Up for FREE Account

❗️If you enter via a referral link you will get 50% more than entering mannabase without using a link❗️

2️⃣ Register: Like every other exchange, they need proof that you are an actual person, 3 minutes of your time. The site will tell you when your account has been approved.

3️⃣ Step 3 is optional: You don’t have to do any work if you don’t want to increase your income. But in case you do: Share your referral link and that’s it, no more work, as easy as life can be…

The main purpose of this project is to reduce poverty world wide; so over time, we encourage you to donate your profits to one of the charity projects MANNA has as a partner. 👌

Share the wealth and enjoy your income! 💰

Yours truly, Mr.Lee

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New York Stock Exchange to List Five Bitcoin ETFs

A few months back, early 2018, came a surprising but much welcomed move by the NYSE, regarding bitcoin.

More specifically the NYSE applied with the SEC for approval to list FIVE (5) Leveraged Bitcoin ETFs.

A move that many of Us within the crypto community had been waiting patiently, in anticipation since the CBOE bitcoin futures contracts, which allowed Bitcoin futures trading on other major Global asset exchanges.

According to the application submitted to the SEC, the NYSE hopes to list the new 5 ETFs, being created by ‘Direxion Asset Management’, an established company that manages over $12 million in funds annually.

The 5 bitcoin ETF listings will have the tickers as follows:

– Bear 1X

– Bull 1.25X

– Bull 1.5X

– Bull 2X

– Bear 2X

As the ticker icons suggest, each ETF will move in value relative to the price of the Bitcoin futures prices multiplied by the amount of leverage each product offers.

Thus, if Bitcoin futures move up by one percent(1%), subsequently the ‘Bull 2X ETF’ will increase by two percent(2%), in the same.

Whether these 5 proposed bitcoin ETFs get approved by the SEC has yet to be seen, but what’s certain is that IF approved, the guud news should give a significant boost to the entire cryptocurrencies markets, even before these products are actually launched.

The new boost to the cryptocurrency market will help drive the price of the major coins to new Highs, as institutional money from the NYSE helps build a solid foundation of appreciation of the top currencies.

Investors should be warned though, if these products go on the market in their current form they will magnify the risk taken by the people who participate in them proportional to the amount of leverage that is being used to create the ETF.

Hopefully, the SEC will approve the ETFs sooner than later so that the price of Bitcoin will start to gain a little ground since it has been relatively stable between $10,000 and $6,000, for some time now, add that fuel, to the growing Crypto Community, Once bitcoin ETFs get approved they will certainly add to the next spike value of bitcoin.