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C4C virtual bitcoin ATM services bridge the gap for US merchants interested in earning a extra income by selling bitcoin.



C4C- Incorporated in Austin, Tx. USA has partnered with the infamous “Bitcoin Brothers” the Creators of Netcoins. C4C LLC is the First and Only US based company with franchise ownership rights to Netcoins API Software platform, leading the charge by setting the new standard, higher than traditional physical bitcoin ATMs. This revolutionary technology allows store owners what some might call an almost ‘to good to be true’ option. Giving Store Owners a smarter option to Sell bitcoin in their Stores, without having to stress about the unknown. C4C LLC. virtual bitcoin ATM services bridge the gap for retailers wanting to earn extra income Selling bitcoin….

FREE Merchant accounts can be set up in minutes, Easy to implement,  Easy user interface.  Clerks need no prior knowledge of bitcoin

NO Start-Up Cost, (Hard to believe, but it’s True) No need to purchase a physical bitcoin ATM

NO Risk, accounts are pre-funded in USD, and remain in USD in until time of purchase.*

Compatible with most POS systems, OR easily transform any ‘Smart’ device into a virtual bitcoin ATM instantly.

FREE Store ‘Promo Kit‘ with every account.

FREE online listing, We also handle all the internet marketing. We own a network of sites connected to web 2.0 traffic generation networks.

C4C LLC is Registered with the US Treasury, FINCEN, and licensed in the State of Texas as a money service business (msb). This ensures that all parties involved in the buying and selling of bitcoin are operating legally. Satisfaction guaranteed or receive a Full Refund, No questions asked. This means We got your back.

AGAIN: We have all but eliminated any/all Risk, such as lose of investment due to bitcoins volatility, because accounts stay funded in USD until Point Of Sale. We handle all the legal requirements, FREE account creation in minutes, No prior knowledge of bitcoin is needed to operate platform ( which is similar to buying a Texas Lotto ticket), We provide store marketing promo kit Free with every account, Plus we handle all the online marketing as well.

C4C virtual bitcoin ATMs (powered by Netcoins) has plans to disrupt the entire bitcoin atm industry within the US, by offering Retailers a smarter option to Sell bitcoins. CEO/President of C4C LLC. Mr. Herrington stated “Business Owners currently using our Bitcoin ATMs, have enjoyed the extra income.” With the super easy user interface, seamless integration process(which can be all done remotely, in minutes). The knowledgeable staff providing 24/7 customer service support, personal training for New clients, and continued training and support are just icing on the cake!!.

Being Incorporated and managed right here in Austin, Tx. USA, Merchants can trust that they are not, being scammed, funding terrorists or engaging in any illegal act, YES, this is an attractive option that has just become available as of August 25th 2017.

7000+ Stores enjoying and benefiting financially, since their adoption and implementation of NETCOINS services up North. C4C new digital bitcoin ATM services offers many advantages over the current physical bitcoin ATMs in use today.

Listed below are a few of the many advantages for the early adopters of C4C digital bitcoin ATM services offered in abundance to say the least.

– Initial savings to Store owners of $5,000 – $20,000. By adopting C4C New digital bitcoin ATM services, can eliminate the often high cost associated with the purchasing of a traditional ‘Unnecessary’ physical bitcoin ATM machine.

– C4C is BSA/AML and KYC Compliant, Incorporated ans licensed in the State of Texas, C4C is also registered with BOTH the US Treasury and FINCEN, ensuring that all C4C Bitcoin atm services, powered by Netcoins are 100% compliant on the State and Federal levels. Merchants only responsibility is to simply be aware and to comply with their tax laws. This is no different than what’s expected of them already.

-Ensuring that C4C digital bitcoin ATMs are in full compliance with US Federal Regulations.

-Accounts are Pre-funded in USD, and thanks to Netcoins proprietary API software, funded accounts remain in USD within Sub accounts on our servers safe until the time of sell, then our software goes to work executing the exchange through BITSTAMP.exchange Again, the exchange is executed automatically and in real time.

C4C Virtual Bitcoin atms, are programmed and execute LIVE transactions in ‘real time’removing all the risk associated with Bitcoins volatility. This approach benefits C4C Bitcoin atm owners 2fold. Eliminating potential loss due to Bitcoins High volatility. Then We are Leveraging Bitcoins volatility to allow your money to work for you.

-C4C virtual bitcoin ATM application is easily accessible through most Point-of-Sale terminals. Or We can easily transform any ‘Smart Device’ into a virtual bitcoin ATM within minutes.

-Bitcoin ATM industry average Sales per ATMaverages $50,000 to $200,000 per month
-Bitcoin ATM industry average mark up is 7-12% per transaction*
– Yes that is Right, it’s not a typo… monthly ‘take home’ profits are $5,000-$20,000 per ATM

-Profits are instant!, earned in real time with every transaction*
-C4C LLC is the First and Only company within the States to offer this service to US Merchants. Marking a key turning point in the 3 years young Bitcoin atm Industry, Another ‘First’ is offered by simply giving Merchants a choice.

Lastly, it is important to note that this technology isn’t available anywhere else in the United States.  Thanks to C4C LLCs & Netcoins partnering together, C4C will lead the US division, potentially becoming the new ‘Industry Standard’

-‘Proof of concept’ There are currently 7,000+ Virtual Bitcoin atms powered by Netcoins virtual Bitcoin atms,

-bitcoin ATMs remain the #1 preferred method for purchasing Bitcoin

C4C LLC is a brand new company, still in startup stage and is happily accepting donations. To donate bitcoins use the following bitcoin address.

*Please send ONLY Bitcoin contributions to this address… C4C is not liable for the lose of funds if anything other than bitcoins are sent in donation. Thanks for the support…

Send BTC HERE:  15Qvaaic7UBWAzfyTBWaVkaudY7z5G2AJn

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