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A HUGE step in the right direction.. taking this theory of mainstreaming cryptocurrency to the next level. …

Lawmakers in Arizona have proposed allowing residents to pay their taxes in bitcoin.!!! Wow¡¡¡

State Rep. Jeff Weninger, a co-sponsor for the bill, which the senate finance committee has already passed, btw, recently ensured, that Arizona measure will send a signal to the U.S. and possibly Globally. Illustrating that Arizona IS a place for blockchain and digital currency.

Not everyone supports this new idea, not all lawmakers are enthiousiast, fact be told most are simply uneducated on the subject. Arizona State Senate Minority Leader Steve Farley said if the proposal passes, it could put all taxpayers at risk if bitcoin crashes.

Jack Biltis, who owns Tag Employer Services, an Arizona company that allows employees to be paid in bitcoin and invest part of their 401(k) retirement plans in bitcoin, said a new technology is always a bit scary and thrilling at the beginning, as it was with the Internet. He said the world will look very different in 20-30 years,business as we know it today will be a thing of the past, and the people who will be successful are those that embrace the blockchain technology now and are on the leading edge ahead of the curve.


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