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The position of cryptocurrency in today’s world is growing rapidly: the combined

market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased more than threefold since

early 2016, reaching almost $150 billion in August 2017. According to the latest data,

the current number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets is estimated to

be about 6 million. Thus, the application of cryptocurrency becomes an important


If cryptocurrency is designed to be a means of payment, then what can you buy

with it right now? There are precedents of people using bitcoins to buy real estate

and conduct other financial transactions, and each notable use of cryptocurrency

becomes an event in the cryptofield and brings society closer

to the widespread use of such currencies.

But can you actually buy something from another person using bitcoins or


Even though more and more outlets and merchants are beginning to accept

cryptocurrency as a means of payment, anyone in possession of a sum of bitcoins or

“altcoins” can still not use them in day-to-day financial operations.

The idea of creating a marketplace came to the project team after a crowdfunding

platform where small-scale productions and startups find crowdfunding for the

development of their projects and realization of their own ideas.

In the space of 5 years, Boomstarter has helped fund more than 1,500 projects

that have subsequently become full-fledged, profitable business ventures. That was

when we found out that small-scale productions with real potential have no viable

way of breaking into a global market. Through supervising and studying their work

from inside we realized what impedes them from participating

in global trade.


The main reasons for the failures by scaling:

Lack of customer’s confidence in an unknown seller who offers goods

of unconfirmed quality;

Impossibility of providing the service at the level of an international company;

Lack of multilingual twenty-four-hour customer support;

Lack of skillful ‘package’ of goods and multilingual localization;

Lack of international marketing knowledge.

We realized that small-scale producers all over the world need a place

for further development and product launch to the international


Building a system of e-commerce business is quite a sophisticated problem. The

company has to spend a lot of resources on creating of a team and channels of

distribution. In addition, one should know how to promote a product in light of

trends and specificity of a particular market.

With an easy-to-use online store builder, any seller will be able to create their

own storefront to sell their goods, while making use of the platform’s wide range

of features for a minimal fee. Our service offers great opportunities for self-

employed entrepreneurs, small-scale manufacturers, family businesses and makers


Upkeep of a staff developer team

Costly development of channels of

distribution (website, IOS applications,

Android, Windows Phone, social media)

Independent advertising management

Problem of worldwide 24/7 customer



A unified ready-to-use interface

Twenty-four-hour customer support

Marketing expenses reduction

Assistance in product presentation

and localization


of handmade crafts, such as a selection of tools for direct customer feedback,

bookkeeping, sales analysis, advertising and promotion, as well as

a convenient, user-friendly interface.

The online store builder which allows to build a multiplatform online sales channel

and able to stimulate the promotion is an outstanding solution for any business.

Such builder provides a ready-to-use interface and favours the development of the

e-commerce through the high-quality service.

The mission of such platforms consists in creating the environment where any user

could manage to create a personal online shop and get the technical support without

wasting his or her time on the activities which may distract from the production of

high-quality goods.

However, the market does not have solution which would combine an advanced

system of e-commerce and new technology such as smart contracts, cryptocurrency

payments, multiplatform integration and comprehensive twenty-four-hour customer


Storiqa is a marketplace platform designed to allow anyone to create

an online store that will make good use of the most advanced

technologies in the e-commerce field, including the option to pay for

goods with cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens.

Our aim is to connect producers all over the world and supply business with the

necessary tools for launching of one-of-a-kind merchandise to the global market

with minimal transaction fees and without any financial borders, intermediaries or

annoying bureaucratic routine.

We will unite producers from all over the world in order to create our own economical

ecosystem that will take e-commerce to a new level.

Storiqa Team.

Our aim is to offer such

a solution to business!

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