CASH4COINS LLC. New Virtual Bitcoin Atm Service

NOW, YOU CAN. Thnx to
CASH4COINS LLC. – New virtual Bitcoin Atm services.
CASH4COINS LLC(C4C), Officially OPEN 4 Business.

Incorporated, 2017 Austin, Tx. USA, CASH4COINS LLC.(C4C)

C4C’s revolutionary  application is capable to transform most ‘smart’ devices with internet access/Connected to the Network, call IT what you will,

a tablet
or a POS,(no not a PieceOfSh**)lol, a PointOfSale, IPhone, laptops, PCs, an over-priced Surface Pro…, I’m convinced that you see where I’m going with this…?

4Clarification purposes_ Compatible Android
most smart phones- Newer,Faster=the Better, obviously, BUT not required_ ‘OutDated’ hardware may result a longer total transaction time, from start to finish…
digital Bitcoin ATM, instantly. 

Solving two key problems involved with current Bitcoin Atm industry standards. iving  the Account End UserWhether that be a small- medium size business, a large Corporation, even a pre-screened & verified individual, the ability to

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