Earn bitcoin with latest web browser extension for GOOGLE Chrome ‘Crypto Tab’

Has anyone ever heard of Crypto Tab..?  Me either until earlier this week.  Apparently, thanks to ‘Crypto Tab’ & Google Chrome,  We can Now GET PAID TO BROWSE THE INTERNET. Simply install the latest extension for Google Chrome “Crypto Tab”.

IMO, This is how it should’ve been all along, We should/deserve to be reimbursed for our time surfing the internet, right.?  Since ‘they’ are & have been collecting/ invading/exploiting (call it what you wish) Our, privacy, personal interest, even sensitive information.

‘They’ are quick to ‘share’ with Ad Agencies, the latest ‘stolen/collected info’ that We ‘gave’ them, from our browsing history, and @ what price tag, I wonder..?   More importantly, why haven’t we seen Our cut of these profits,,,,?  Huh,,, Mr. Mark Z?

“We’ve Been Had.”

Since We, All use the internet, (which I know you do, Bcuz you are reading this article ONLINE)….  The way I see it is…. “Then why the HELL not get paid for your time, online..?”  Crypto Tab is going to change everything for the better.  Real Talk:   By using this extension alone, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU RICH.   The key is ‘Strength in Numbers’  Share the ‘Crypto Tab’ with your friends & family, in hopes that they do the same, etc. etc.   Before you know, the earnings while start to add up.  Being that We will be earning bitcoin, the profit potential is limitless.


If there are any Questions about ‘Crypto Tab’ installation or if you need help with this, please feel free to contact me anytime.  My door is always Open, theoretically. LOL

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