GOOGLE follows FB lead & Bans Crypto Ads

Updated 2hrs hours ago from CNBC :

“Title: Google will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising
Google is cracking down on cryptocurrency-related advertising. The company will no longer allow ads about cryptocurrency-related content, including initial coin offerings (ICOs), wallets, and trading advice across any of its ad platforms.

Their move follows a similar ban by Facebook earlier this year.
Jillian D’Onfro | @jillianiles”

We understand why Google and Facebook are doing this completely And it makes sense!

Coins in the blockchain technology (Cryptocurrency Markets) right now at least, are considered the equivalent to a stock of companies by the US (thank Trump for locking the little guy out)….

Just like ‘We’ are protected from, (not allowed to participate in) being an early investor in a Companies, Initial Stock Offering (ISO) with out being a qualified investor. (a Company Or person with a net worth of a minimum of One million dollars) and financial Instruments are not allowed to be advertised because of the Legal and Liability Headaches that they would open Google up to (like porn, smoking, alcohol and firearms).

‘They’ (Google, FB etc.) understand its better to just not get in a war with the US FTC. Afterall they make enough money with out them and they are a US corp.

Its simple and probably fatal-compli.

Now why is it a good thing….

1:Blockchain is here for good so the industry will still grow

2:Regulation is coming so the amount of flim-flam artists and scammers are going to go away.

3:Those who know how to find information out will be rewarded… obvious you and I know how to do that.

So We have a built in advantage against ads being shoved at the general public.

4: We will be able to get into more ICOs, because right now the way they advertise to the whole world, its almost impossible to get into some good ones. We now are VIPs!

Banning it will not stop it… It will just make it easier for us that understand the industry to really get ahead!

Note: Cryptocurrencies are very highly volatile, so please take care of your investments and always use stop loss orders to limit your losses.

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