Interesting Financial Figures

– Total Crypto market cap: is ONLY 0.4Trillion (worth in USD$)
– For the entire FOREX market: 5Trillion$
– Refind gold market cap: 8Trillion$
– USDcash (coins/notes) in circulation: 80 trillion $…
– The rest of the commodities market size: 10Trillion $
– GLOBAL gdp: 75Trillion$
– GLOBAL stock market size: 80 trillion $
– GLOBAL liquidity (cash, bank accounts..): ‘supposedly’ 90Trillion$
GLOBAL debt: 325TRILLION$ (5x the gdp)
– The Derivatives market size reaches: 550T-1200T$

Sooo, Question.? What do these current, GLOBAL, Statistics mean to you. .?

Me.., I KNOW crypto will get there, it will succeed. We are still in the infancy stage of this “bubble” market. LMFAO.

Holding is the key to success in crypto at this moment in time….

There is No time like the present, being that everything is Half price, yet the technology has vastly improved. ..

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