Some Facts behind the bitcoin

Currently the virtual currency bitcoin is becoming a hot issue among the public. Because at a profitable value, many people are interested in having this digital store of wealth. Aka electro- money. By now surely you are familiar with bitcoin, right?

First developed by a Japanese citizen named Satoshi Nakamoto. Although, intangible, not physical, still bitcoin is the same as most currencies, as we know of today.

Bitcoin game itself is similar to online trading like e-gold or forex. If you buy and sell bitcoin back, it is said that the price offered is very high. Before the famous bitcoin alone the selling price is great, especially now that the bitcoin is being known by the global community.

For you who are beginners and have an interest in bitcoin, it’s important know the flaws and advantages of this currency, and how is being used today, as more a storage of value, Maybe we can help decide if whether bitcoin is suitable to invest in or not.

1st, Let’s look at some of the advantages of having bitcoin!

1. Bitcoin is not regulated by the state
Yup, bitcoin is not owned by any country in the world. This is an added value for bitcoin owners, since no state level, intervention and a country’s economic situation, have no effect on bitcoin prices.

2. High volatility, causes major shifts in daily bitcoin price point.
When bitcoin is still not as famous now the price is already quite high. At conception said to be around the year 2009, 1 BTC had a selling price of $13USD. Well, after the currency has global reach the price of 1 BTC has seen the likes of USD $18000+ in 2017.

3. World currencies
If you have bitcoin, indirectly you also have a world currency. This is because bitcoin is not only owned by the people of Indonesia, but the world community.

4.Has Anti-inflation, currency traits.
Because this currency is free of any political and economic conditions of any country, so there can be no inflation.

5. Can be used as a savings
Well, you can also make bitcoin as a savings, yet again there is no cost cut or other administration for your bitcoin money storage.

So what’s the negatives, right?

1. Tools for money laundry
Since it is not regulated by the government, bitcoin can be used as criminals as a money launderer, in addition, so they also do not have to pay taxes.

2. Unstable

Well, if this is almost the same as forex. The bitcoin price is speculative, so it all depends on the level of demand in the market. Plus, this currency cannot be used as a means of payment transactions, because no one has mentioned that bitcoin is legitimate and can be said as currency.

If you really want to look for profit opportunities through bitcoin, make sure you know all the techniques and tips on trading bitcoin.

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