Welcome to Crypto!!

Welcome to Crypto!! Glad that you are considering joining Our CryptoVerse.. :} Lets begin Shall we..? I’ve taken the liberty to layout a diversified ‘road map’ highlighting key areas of importance along with various tools that We all have been & still use to this day, so that you can hopefully have a better understanding of how, why & what We do exactly. Our community is comprised of all walks of life from all corners of the earth. Soo Again, We welcome you & If/whenever you have a Question Please simply ask anyone of US & together We will find the answer. Where to Buy Bitcoins buy bitcoins worldwide https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/ sort options by country and payment method localbitcoins@ LocalBitcoins.com Mining: awesome miner awesomeminer.com/ Manage and monitor mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more Centralized management for up to 5000 miners what to mine whattomine.com Excellent resource to compare hash rates to payout against btc and eth. Great for determining mining profitability.

Cellphone Mining:


Download Electroneum app from play store (Android) register verify email and phone number to start mining. It’s a simulated mining function that pays out real coin (ETN). Uses the minimal battery and will not slow your phone. Must run in the background to generate coin. IOS version may not yet be available. Electronium app from Google play store.

Once you gain access to your New Electronium wallet, locate settings/more find Referral program &  Enter code D6D28A for a chance to win 5000 ETN

Day trading Education 101:

Know what you are getting into & how to identify which markets are LEGIT OR SHIT. (Please Excuse the Language).

To truly Know what areas/exchanges to avoid completely visit the man in the know ‘Pump Analysis’ Pump Analysis has been around a long while, is well respected within the Crypto community & He doesn’t accept kickbacks for BS reviews. So for honest information pertaining to Pump & Dump groups, He is the Trusted Source. http://pumpanalysis.com/ https://t.me/pump_analysis bitmex

bitMEX Mercantile Exchange:  This is the Real Deal, Americans must use VPN ( An affordable VPN is Cyber Ghost. Mask your IP address in London) in order to access the platform.


I highly recommend familiarizing Oneself with the Futures markets by using bitMEX testnet for paper trading.  Perfect your strategy using fake bitcoin first. bitMEX testnet offers a Demo environment similar to the actual platform.   


Hone your skills before committing funds! stock charts http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school ChartSchool Technical Analysis Education – give it a dig!



A MUST read for All who dare enter the CryptoVerse planning to use Digital Currencies. A very gud read that will ease you into our way of life and also introduce some of the verbiages we use and give a general overview of the permaculture.  (feel free to skip first part if you’d like) 



Another MUST read if you want to understand better the market manipulation and what’s going on with some coins. Warning – long read!

Bots & devs:



Automated bot trading

Gunbot – Automated Trading Robot

GunBot generates passive income automatically and is the favorite within the day traders community. *Gunbot does require personal programming. Plus there are many ‘FAKE’ Gunbot sellers. So please only purchase from a confirmed certified Gunbot reseller.





Bots and Strategies



Announcements for automated trading bots


Chat discussion about automated trading bots – say hello and get the answers to your questions OR share your knowledge.


Torque AI signals (Bittrex) – Completely Automated AI bot built exclusively for BITTREX Exchange. Torque AI operates on the BITTREX servers.   So we caution (Use at own risk)



cryptocurrency callender

Cryptocurrency Calendar – Events & Updates News Via Telegram


Most powerful crypto news on telegram – This channel will instantaneously post tweets and news of most influential personalities in crypto


trading view.png


 https://www.tradingview.com/markets/cryptocurrencies/ Definitely the best TA source out there!


Crypformation can act as a personal consultant of the sort and is in my top 3 favorite bots, that can offer real value as a telegram chatbot.  It helps you make decisions, by providing you with a lot of information on recently listed coins on major exchanges.


Telegram bot channel that scans API of exchanges and shows all recently listed coins. Only 10% on the free version.


Crypto Market Scanner based on RSI and Relative volume. Scanning 15 min candles for quick trades.



A service that monitors crypto markets and notifies you of any unusual market movements like price/action alerts.


Similar to CryptoPing – it will give you alerts straight from  coinmarketcap.com There are very few coins listed by definition, its best to just use the Coins ticker Symbol and it will let you set an alert for any particular coin of interest.


Binfobot is the best-kept secret in Crypto. It has many cool features, alerts, prices watch, fiat pairs, you can even track multiple accounts and get notified of any substantial moves, which gives us the advantage to position ourselves and potentially benefit from such large purchases/sell-offs.


Chasing Coins tracks the movement of coins and reports back, with telegram bot integrated.


Some cool features! Check Products. Most of them with freemium telegram bot and xypher chat talk – We highly recommend looking into this one for your own personal benefits!


#CoinSniper / #WhaleSniper / #SharkSniper / #SmartWallMonitor

The No BS LIVE Spreadsheet is designed to predict the most profitable trades, So you don’t have to.

@noBScrypto Trading Strategy

We know the spreadsheet will help, especially as you are getting acclimated to this new way of life. Over the years its ability to predict the most profitable trades has been fairly consistent. 

Discord channel to understand better the spreadsheet better





Website: https://airdropalert.com/

Airdrop alerts All about Pumps:

We do not support or endorse any manner of pump n dump group. Information is provided solely for educational purposes.

Website: http://pumpanalysis.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/pump_analysis

This channel is tracking the results of 300+ pump groups. Join for knowledgeable advice and commentary posted several times a week.

https://t.me/pumpanddumplist & https://t.me/PumpListRatings

This two channels will provide P&D daily list of best groups.


This channel predicts coins that will be pumped (follow at your own risk) PS: might be under maintenance!

Trusted sources of reliable info on everything Crypto. 

We have been using these sites religiously for years & are confident in there accuracy & legitimacy of Real, Current Up-to-date News, analysis, and resources.   Just to name a few & in no particular order:

World Coin Index

Coin Market Cap


Crypto Compare

What to Mine

Arbitrage Expert 

Coin Time Machine